Our governance


As PLSA members know, good governance is the foundation of success. That’s true for people running pension schemes and for the association that represents them.

There are two parts to our governance structure: 

The PLSA Board makes sure that we can fulfil our mission to help everyone achieve a better income in retirement. It sets our strategy, allocates our resources, reviews our financial performance and monitors the effectiveness of our lobbying, events, training and membership products and services.

pbctteesThe Policy Board guides and decides on our public policy positions. Its remit stretches across all aspects of our policy work on pensions and lifetime savings and its goal is to shape the policy agenda for all aspects of retirement income.

It is supported by four Policy Committees which focus on specific policy issues for Defined Contribution, Defined Benefit, Local Authority and Master Trust pensions. They advise the Policy Board, take forward delegated policy work and give representation to PLSA members from these sectors in PLSA policy development.

Four  Reference Groups, covering the same sectors, brief members on relevant policy developments, gain input on policy and lobbying issues and provide a forum for members to share their insights and experiences on regulatory and legal issues. They bring the number of PLSA members involved in the foundation of our lobbying and influencing work close to 400.

The Policy Board, Policy Committees and Reference Groups provide a voice for our members and work to make sure that our policy adds value for our membership, the pensions industry and society as a whole.

Our Rules

Our Articles of Association set out how we govern the PLSA.

The Articles require the Board to publish Rules to explain how aspects of our governance work in detail. Our Rules cover:


If you’re interested in getting involved in our governance, contact [email protected].