Report and Accounts

ReportS and Accounts

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Annual Report and Accounts 2022

We had a strong year with our policy and advocacy work in 2022, with pensions adequacy being our key focus, alongside an extensive research project on behalf of our local authority members, plus a number of regulatory priorities and reactive work for members. 

2022 was characterised as a year of recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic, and the normalisation of the PLSA’s finances. Our return to in-person events was highly successful, over-achieving on budgeted projections in terms of finances and delegate numbers, and we continued to support members with our varied programme of webinars. See infographic for more.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

The PLSA has been campaigning for improved diversity in the pensions industry for many years. While there is no requirement for an organisation of our size to publish these figures, we believe it is right that we do too.

We have been working hard to address the gender pay gap internally and we are encouraged that the gender pay gap continued to decrease between 2022 and 2023, down 25% from 2021. We are committed to closing the gap further and will continue reporting and campaigning on the subject. Alongside, we also work hard to ensure equal pay across the PLSA.