Policy Board

Policy Board


The PLSA is setting up a new, high-profile body, the Policy Board, to guide and decide on the association’s public policy positions. Its remit will stretch across all aspects of our policy work on pensions and lifetime savings. Our goal is to shape the policy agenda for all aspects of retirement income.

We are looking for the sector’s most senior and experienced thought leaders and experts. They will be guided by the first chair of the PLSA Policy Board, Emma Douglas, Head of DC, Legal and General Investment Management.

We now want to appoint the other members of the Policy Board.


Policy Board members will serve an initial term of up to three years.

The Policy Board will meet 3 times per calendar year. We anticipate that it will have a number of supporting working groups and members may be expected to lead or attend those meetings around 3 times a year, although some groups might meet more frequently.

Policy Board members will also need to provide input to our policy work outside of meetings and to act as advocates and ambassadors for the PLSA at our conferences and other industry events.


We are giving all PLSA members the opportunity to apply to join the Policy Board. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee of Richard Butcher, Chair of the PLSA, Emma Douglas, Policy Board Chair and Nigel Peaple, Director of Policy and Research.

They have published a framework setting out what they’re looking for. Please read it closely before applying.

You can apply by attaching your CV to a short email setting out the skills and experience you can bring to the Policy Board and sending it to openplsa@plsa.co.uk by 5pm on Tuesday 31 July 2018.

Please ensure that your employer (where applicable) and/or the member organisation support this application and is aware of the time commitment needed.


  • Applications are open until 5pm on Tuesday 31 July 2018.
  • We intend to have appointed membership of the Policy Board by early September 2018.
  • The Policy Board will meet in shadow form for the first time in September or October 2018, to agree its Terms of Reference and discuss the future organisation of its sub-groups, eg. working groups to cover the key areas of work.
  • All appointments will be ratified at the PLSA AGM on Friday 19 October 2018.
  • The Policy Board will then meet officially for the first time in late 2018.