South London Group

South London Group

The South London Group is a very active Group serving pensions professionals living or working in our catchment areas of London, Surrey and bordering counties. New members are very welcome to join any of our events.   

We aim to provide four evening seminars each year from about 5pm to 7pm. We have had popular sessions recently from Aon Hewitt on frozen schemes, a double-header from LCP and Mn Services on Fiduciary Management and from Alan Higham on annuity provision and Test Achats. The Committee work hard to provide stimulating sessions on a broad variety of DB and DC topics. 

We hold a very popular annual Half Day Seminar in June comprising five speakers on varied and topical subjects. We aim to combine legal and investment updates with complimentary sessions on subjects such as communications, networking and trusteeship. We aim to invite at least one speaker who is an in-house pensions manager with an interesting story to tell.  

The combination of relevant, topical discussion and networking opportunities is an attraction to in-house pensions teams, trustees, advisers and those who are merely curious about pensions (regardless of age).

Becoming a member 

If you would like further information about about this group, or would like to become a member, please contact:

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 Meetings in 2020

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Pensions Transfers: Practical Ways to Protect Your Scheme and Members From the Next Misselling Scandal

This session looked at how schemes can change the way they communicate, so that in times of stress they become the trusted source of information for their members.  

Speaker: Joe Craig, Quietroom
Joe meets people across the pensions industry to find out what’s on the horizon, to connect ideas and find ways to help. He’s worked on communications strategy and copy for pension schemes and insurers, big and small. He’s often on stage at industry events discussing how to make complicated or difficult messages more meaningful to more people.
Joe’s background is as a best-selling author and screenwriter. He specialises in keeping people interested in what they’re reading, especially people with a low reading age, or who don’t want to be reading. He runs story workshops for writers of all ages, all over the world.