Liverpool Group

Liverpool Group

The Liverpool Local Group has members from Liverpool and the surrounding areas, including the Wirral, Chester and Cheshire/North Wales. The Group has been around for many years but is actively trying to increase membership and would be delighted to welcome new members, particularly from the non-adviser community. Meetings are generally held between September and May each year and we aim to hold at least  five meetings, including our AGM and a social event, every year.


At present there are no subscription costs being levied.

Becoming a Member 

If you would like further information about about this group, or would like to become a member, please contact:

Adam Walker  |   [email protected]   


Due to the Governent Lockdown all in-person meetings have been postponed.

Further details will be published regarding online meetings soon.

In the meantime, members of Liverpool Local Group are free to register for other Local Groups' Online sessions.