We are a specialised asset manager with offices in London, Edinburgh and Amsterdam delivering long-term investment solutions to pension funds across UK and Europe. With more than 100 years’ investment experience and over £40 billion of assets, our dedicated teams bring insight and in-depth knowledge to the challenges facing you today. Kempen has its roots in the highly competitive and professional Dutch institutional market and aims to become a household name for its specialist strategies with LGPS.
You only achieve the best possible results by making choices…we make an uncompromising choice for certain investment niches. So while we don’t do everything; what we do, we do better.

Contact: Mili Parekh
Job title: Business Development Director
Address: Octagon Point, 5 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6AA
Tel: 0203 636 9467
Mobile:  0772 009 1872