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PLSA event FAQs

How can I see the delegate list?

We only share this information with people that are attending the event via the event app. We do not make delegate lists public. The event app is usually launched one or two weeks before an event.

How can I download and print the full version of the programme?

You can view the programme online via the events’ specific web page or via the conference app. If you want to print a copy you’d need to use the print screen function on your computer. We no longer print programmes. By providing them digitally they’re always up to date and also helps us reduce waste and be more sustainable.

How can I access the app?

You can download the event app via the app or google play store.

You will be sent an email inviting you to download the app one or two weeks in advance of the event.

Do I have to print my badge myself?

Yes, you must print a physical badge in advance of arriving on site. In colour works best. We’ll provide a landyard when you arrive at the venue.

What covid safe measures are in place for the conference?

You can find out about what measures have been put in place on the events’ specific web page via the events tab in the menu above.

If I cannot attend due to covid, do I get a refund?

Please refer to the terms and conditions of booking here.

What do I do if I develop covid during the conference?

Find out on the events’ specific web page via the events tab in the menu above.

What are you doing to be sustainable at the conference?

You can find out more about our sustainability measures via the events specific web page via the events tab in the menu above.

What is the dress code for the conference?

The dress code for all of our conference is business attire.

What is included in my registration fee?

Find out about what is included on the fees page for the specific event via the events specific web page via the events tab in the menu above.

How are you dealing with my personal data for the conference?

You can find out more about our privacy policy here.

Can I view any of the content from the conference online?

You can find out more about what will be available online via the events specific web page via the events tab in the menu above.

Can I register for events over the phone?

PLSA event bookings are processed online only. Please register via our website. If you have not attended an event before you will need to create an account prior to being able to book. To register for a new account please click here.

For any issues with the booking process please contact  [email protected], 0207 601 1710.

I have forgotten my account password, what shall I do?

Please request your password via the “Password Reset” button on the login page of the online portal. If you are not receiving your password-assistance email please check your spam or bulk email folder. If you still have not received a password-reset link please contact Nikolina Hudi [email protected] or 0207 601 1710.

Can I attend only one day of the conference?

Yes you can but this does not change the fee. We do not offer daily tickets.

Can I see the list of delegates?

We only share this information with people that are attending the event. We do not make delegate lists public. The delegate list will be shared as part of the pre-event information approximately one to two weeks before the start of an event.

Can I transfer my place to somebody else?

You can transfer your registration to a different delegate before the event using the Manage Registration option in your online account. Please note that tickets are non-transferable between colleagues during the event. It is not possible to share registrations. 

Can I pay with an invoice?

Yes, please select Invoice as a payment option during the booking journey if you would like to pay via invoice.

Can I make any changes to my existing booking?

You can add/update sessions, transfer delegates and request cancellation in your online account. If you require any assistance please contact Nikolina Hudi [email protected] or 0207 601 1710.

Are there any cancellation charges?

For terms and conditions of registrations please click here.

I've registered for the event. How do I access the conference platform when the event starts?

The digital event platform will open two weeks in advance of the event. Joining Instructions will be sent by email, and will contain a personal link to access it. If you think you are registered but haven’t received the Joining Instructions please contact [email protected].

Can I register once the event has already started?

Yes. Bookings do not close. Please note that once an event is open, registrations will be processed as quickly as possible. You’ll be added to the system and Joining Instructions will be emailed to you as soon as possible. Please note that there may be delay during busy periods. It’s always best to book on to the event early to avoid any hold ups.

How do digital conferences work?

The PLSA digital conferences will offer everything you have come to expect from our world-class face-to-face conferences, with a digital twist. At the heart of the event remains the programme, which will feature sessions from industry experts and thought leaders who bring intelligence and insight from pensions, economics, and politics.

Key features:

  • Access all conference sessions, live and on-demand
  • Ability to create your own personal schedule with bookmarked sessions 
  • Meetings and content – you can also export this to your own calendar or print as a pdf
  • Access to our online sponsors
  • Access to the sponsor showcase
  • Delegate match making – view suggested connections based on your registration criteria and interests
  • One-to-one video meetings
  • Sponsors can set up group video meetings Networking chat rooms alongside conference sessions
  • Networking chat rooms alongside conference sessions

What software will I need in order to attend?

All you need is an internet connection to join. The latest versions of Firefox, Mozilla or Google Chrome are the preferred browser to use to guarantee a great viewing experience 

Will someone show me how to use the new platform?

User demos will be made available. A user guide is also available here

What if there are technical issues on the days? 

As always the PLSA team will be on hand to assist with any issues you encounter. There will also be help available from digital the platform provider.

Will there be an opportunity to engage with speakers and ask questions at the sessions? Yes, speaker Q&A can be facilitated during the live and some of the pre-recorded sessions. You can also connect with speakers one-to-one during the event. 

I usually get CPD points at your conferences. Will this change if I attend the digital conference?
You can still earn CPD points at digital events. The event may qualify for CPD hours under your CPD scheme.

I really enjoy meeting with my peers at your conferences. Will there still be an opportunity to network?
You can network with  attendees delegates using the chat tools or video calling. You’ll be able to search for a particular attendee in the attendee list. The platform also uses AI to suggest connections for you with both attendees and sponsors.

I’m looking for a new supplier, can I still meet with exhibitors at the conference?
There will be a number of opportunities for you to engage with our sponsors and access thought leadership content from consultants and service providers.

Do I need to attend all the sessions?
We know that as well as attending sessions, networking is equally as important. We have added break times to allow you time to explore the platform, meet our sponsors and connect with your peers.

Can I choose which sessions I would like to attend in advance?
You can add sessions to your personal schedule within the platform. A limited number of the session are subject to attendance restrictions, you will be asked to pre-register for those.

I normally attend as a delegate, can I upgrade and purchase a sponsorship package?
We have a number of sponsorship packages available. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

How can I register my whole team?
You can register your team via the conference website. You are able to book your whole team under one booking. If you are a Business Member you are able to purchase a Organisation ticket which enables your organisation to register unlimited numbers of delegates for a fixed fee. Contact [email protected] to find out more

What about my details? Will they be safe if I go online?
Your details are safe with us, please refer to our privacy policy which explains how the PLSA collects and uses personal data in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other UK data protection laws. 

The details you provide during registration will be used to create an account that will allow you to access to the digital event platform and the attendees' list to network before, during and after the event. For further information on your data processing and your rights, please refer to our digital platform’s protection of data policy: https://www.swapcard.com/gdpr or send an email to [email protected].

When in the event platform you can decide whether or not your profile is viewable.

Are there any standards or guidelines for behaviour at digital events?
Attendees of our digital events must abide by our Code of conduct for digital events

Event, webinar and training enquiries: Nikolina Hudi:
0207 601 1710 
[email protected]

Exhibiting, speaking, sponsoring: Adrian Messina
020 7601 1772 
[email protected]

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Event, webinar and training enquiries: Nikolina Hudi:
0207 601 1710 
[email protected]

Exhibiting, speaking, sponsoring, or becoming an Education Partner: Adrian Messina
020 7601 1772 
[email protected]

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