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INVESTMENT CONFERENCE 2024 | 27-29 February | EICC, Edinburgh

Exhibitor Technical Manual Space Only Stands

As an exhibitor at this event, it is your responsibility to ensure that any contractors you appoint are aware of the information set out below and adhere to both the build guidelines and the parameters of being on site.  

Please note that adjustments have been made to the build guidelines of this event. If you have exhibited previously please ensure you read the updated build guidelines.  


Exhibition build and breakdown hours Exhibition build and breakdown hours


Monday 26 February 2024
08:00* - 22:00
Forklift unloading for space only: 08:00-10:30
Self-unloading for space only: 10:30-22:00
*A load-in schedule is running from 08:00 – 13:00. Please contact Ricky with your load in time request at [email protected] before 19 February 2024


Tuesday 27 February 2024
Stand dressing only. No construction may take place during this time.


Thursday 29 February 2024
Detailed information about the close of the exhibition will be issued on-site, but at this stage we would remind you not to commence packing up your stand until the official close of the exhibition at 14:30. 

Design and Build Parameters Design and Build Parameters


If you are appointing an exhibition design and build team, please make sure that you provide their details to [email protected] once they are appointed. This is so that we are able to follow up with them directly or chase directly for any technical information. 

If you are looking to appoint an exhibition stand design and build team, we are able to make recommendations. We are also able to offer a Show ready option which offers a more affordable option with bespoke design elements. If you booked space only but would like more information on the Show ready packages, please contact [email protected] 

Exhibitors are responsible for passing on this manual and must ensure that they have read all the relevant information associated with their specific stand type and shared relevant information with their contractors.  

The appointed contractor must ensure the stand design can be built and deconstructed within the defined hours of build and breakdown. Should it be necessary additional crew must be provided to ensure this occurs. Health and Safety will be confirming these arrangements with contractors pre tenancy.  

Space only stands include the floor space only, no other inclusions. Please note that blue/grey tiles are laid to the floor; if you would like to lay your own flooring you must lay a platform on top of the existing carpet tiles. 


Plans must be submitted for approval to [email protected] no later than 19 January 2024.   

Please ensure that you include:  

  • 1 plan to scale not less than 1:50  
  • stand dimensions  
  • build heights  
  • orientation details   
  • Signed copy of the EICC contractor guidelines 
  • A suitable and sufficient risk assessment and method statement (RAM) from your stand builder together with a copy of the stand builder's Company PLI (Public Liability Insurance) which must be in date for the duration of tenancy. 


Please note that the venue is permanently carpeted with blue / grey floor tiles. If you would like to lay your own flooring, you must lay a platform or floor flats on top of the existing carpet tiles. This can be organised through the official exhibition supplier, Full Circle. 

We strongly advise that you consider any platform height and disability access to the stand during the design process. Further guidance and assistance can be provided by [email protected] our Event Planner at the EICC.  

When laying a platform or floor flats on the stand, please consider disability access to the stand when considering platform height.   


It is the responsibility of the space only exhibitor to provide solid partition walls between themselves and their neighbours to a minimum height of 2.5m. Each dividing wall must be decorated on the reverse in white above 2.5m. Any boundary not directly attached to another exhibitor should remain open.  


Where a boundary faces an aisle, solid walls are NOT PERMITTED.  If an exhibitor wishes to have walling on the perimeter of their stand (which faces an aisle), it must not exceed more than ONE THIRD the length of the open side. That is; walling-in on any open side is only allowed as long as two thirds of that open side remains open or is made of transparent material or clear glazing. For example, on a stand of 6m x 4m if they wish to create a wall on the 6m open side, only 2m may be solid walling and the rest must be completely open.  

Exhibitors are aware of their stand location at the time of booking. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor or the principal stand designer to ensure that sides remain open. An island site with four sides open for example MUST remain an island site.  


The maximum build height in the show is 4m including any platform element. No part of any stand may sit above or be flown above 4m (apart from flown light trusses). Two storey stands are not permitted. Items may not extend into the aisles or protrude above the maximum building height. Please note that stand numbers F3 and F5 are restricted to a 3.5m build height. This is due to restricted ceiling height in this section of the hall. Please refer to the technical floor plan.  

If you have any queries about the build guidelines, please contact [email protected]


Should you have any rigging requirements for your stand, please liaise with your contactor and inform [email protected] of rigging plans by 26th January. 


Unfortunately, it is not possible to have a hanging banner above your stand due to the ceiling height at this venue. 


All requests for forklift hire should go to DSV Fairs and Events, the official courier for the event. Please contact [email protected] before 12 February 2024.
No vehicle will be allowed into the loading bay until the appropriate stand is confirmed as being dismantled by the DSV Fairs and Events team. Once your stand is down, please inform the DSV Fairs and Events desk.

Products and Services for your Stand Products and Services for your Stand


Power to the exhibition hall will be turned on at 08:00 and shut down at 20:00 on each open day. If you require a 24-hour power supply, you will need to arrange this through Full Circle Exhibitor portal. Should you have further questions, please contact [email protected]


Orders must be placed by 26 January 2024.
You can hire furniture for your exhibition stand via the official furniture hire company DZine. Browse the catalogue and order via their online shop  
If you need any help, you can contact them via [email protected].
Tel: +44 (0)1299 824 100


Orders must be placed by 12 February 2024.
If you would like to hire any AV equipment, please order using this form here.


Orders must be placed by 12 February 2024.
The PLSA will be providing a wireless internet connection throughout the venue for the duration of the event to facilitate the conference app. If you require a secure and dedicated connection for your exhibition stand please organise this by using this form here.


Orders must be placed by 12 February
To order catering for your stand through our official supplier, please email Karen D'Ulisse [email protected].
Please note that all food and beverages distributed or given away from exhibition stands must be supplied by the official caterers, Leith’s. If you intend to provide food or beverages not supplied by Leith’s you will need to contact Karen D'Ulisse [email protected], tel: +44 (0) 131 519 4003 to discuss your requirements. Please note that charges may be applied. 
Any exhibitor providing food or drinks on-site will need to have the allergens clearly on display.


The carpet in the exhibition hall (including stands) will be vacuum cleaned at the close of each day. If you feel your stand will require a more thorough clean, it is possible to arrange this as an additional service. This is a paid for service and can be arranged through the EICC. Please organise this directly with the venue by using this form here


Please note that there are no storage facilities on-site. Contractors are advised to take materials off-site or to store most of your items on your stand. DSV Fairs and Events has a limited amount of storage space for empty cases which can be ordered from here. Please bear this in mind when planning/designing your stand.

Health and Safety, Security and Sustainability Health and Safety, Security and Sustainability


Client Contractor guidelines  
Every exhibitor must complete and return the Client Contractor guidelines to [email protected] by 19 January 2024. You can download the form here or via the exhibitor checklist.


Interest from demonstrators has become more commonplace at large scale events. The PLSA is committed to planning for any potential disruption and keeping our delegates, sponsors and exhibitors safe. If you are aware of anything that may make your organisation a focus for demonstration, please let us know as early as you can so that we may share information with the venue security team. Contact [email protected] at your earliest convenience with any information. 


In order to minimise the carbon footprint of the event on the city, contractors and exhibitors are asked to that waste is kept to a minimum and where possible is removed and disposed of by the stand contractor. 

Show ready exhibitors are able to receive a calculation for the carbon footprint of their stand at the event this will provided to you by Full Circle once your stand design is confirmed.  

As we take steps to reduce the carbon emissions associated with the event, we ask exhibitors to provide us with the following information for both your deliveries and any contractors building and delivering items to site. Please provide your best guestimate and submit this information to [email protected] by Friday 1 March 2024.

  • Approximate mass of goods
  • Distance travelled
  • Type of vehicle
  • Fuel type (petrol or diesel, basically)
  • To reduce the amount of waste generated by this event we ask all exhibitors and their contractors to consider the items they send to site. The conference app can host documents and brochures, videos and more. We also encourage exhibitors to take any left-over products with them at the end of the show.


EICC sustainability programme can be found here.

Contractor passes Contractor passes

Passes for contractors during build up

Contractor passes required during build up will be issued by the venue upon arrival. 

Contractor passes for open days

Submit requests for contractor passes to [email protected] by 29 January 2024.

Red contractor passes access to the void area of the show. These will be issued to contractors working on behalf of space only exhibitors for the purpose of maintaining or responding to issues with their stand. 
Contractors may not be on the show floor without prior consent of the PLSA events tEam. If works are required to be carried out on an exhibitor’s stand this will be confirmed by the PLSA at a time that is safe to do so and does not disrupt the show. 

Blue contractor passes will be issued to contractors working on behalf of exhibitors for the purpose of delivering a service or entertainment on the exhibition stand, e.g. bar tenders, baristas. These passes provide access to the show floor but are restricted to the specific exhibition stand. 

Contractor passes will be issued at the discretion of the PLSA based on the activity / role specified by the exhibitor. There is no fixed number of contractor passes that can be awarded, the number of passes issued will be based on the need of the individual exhibitor and what is deemed appropriate by the PLSA. Contractor passes do not include catering or access to the networking events. 

Contractors must wear the appropriate contractor pass allocated to them. Failure to produce the appropriate pass may result in the contractor being asked to leave the show. If a contractor is deemed to not be acting in accordance with the code of conduct or exhibition terms and conditions, they will have their pass revoked and will be asked to leave the event. 

Full Circle, PLSA's Exhibition Supplier Full Circle, PLSA's Exhibition Supplier


Show ready Gold, Silver and Bronze exhibitors should liaise directly with Gwyneth at Full Circle regarding any of their queries [email protected]

Space only and Show ready White exhibitors should place orders via the following:

Electrics – via the Full Circles online exhibitor portal here. If you need any support on electrics it’s via our exhibitor team [email protected].
Graphics and stand extras via the Exhibitor Enhancements team - [email protected].
Furniture requirements via Dzine. If you need any help, you can contact them via [email protected] - Tel: +44 (0)1299 824 100

For any general queries for Full Circle please contact:
Full Circle Exhibitor Team 
+44 (0) 161 393 3949   
[email protected]

Please ensure your orders are placed by the associated deadlines. If you do not meet the deadlines, then a surcharge will be applied.

Checklist of actions for space only stands

Action Link Deadline
Submit delegate registrations Book now 08 January
Confirm appointed stand contractor with PLSA Email Beatriz Oliveira 08 January
Deadline for upgrading to Show Ready package Email Beatriz Oliveira 08 January
Submit stand plans for approval to PLSA Email Beatriz Oliveira 19 January
Submit Risk assessment and Method statement Email Beatriz Oliveira 19 January
Submit Client Contractor Guidelines form to Beatriz Email Beatriz Oliveira 19 January
Submit any electrics orders Order online 26 January
Submit any furniture orders Order online 26 January
Submit request for contractor passes Email Beatriz Oliveira 29 January
Submit orders for internet Download form 12 February
Submit orders for AV Download form 12 February
Catering for your exhibition stand Email Karen D'Ulisse 12 February
Book freight handling shipping E-mail Ricky Straw 16 February
Book your load in time with DSV Fairs and Events E-mail Ricky Straw 23 February