Gold: the missing element for pension returns

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Gold: the missing element for pension returns

Are you overlooking gold as an investment? Do you think gold is volatile?  Maybe you find it hard to value?

Gold is a strategic asset that provides investors with returns and diversification when they need it.

We will address the global impact of COVID-19 and whether gold can help manage this unprecedented market volatility. 

We will look at gold’s positive impact on portfolios and also address the key barriers to investment. In addition, we will explain gold’s ESG credentials and look at gold and climate change.

Please join us to learn more about gold’s role as a strategic asset.

What you’ll learn

  • Gold’s role as a strategic asset
  • Gold’s key role in a portfolio: a source of long-term returns, a diversifier that can mitigate losses in times of market stress, a liquid asset with no credit risk with returns comparable to other investable asset classes, a means to enhance overall portfolio performance
  • Gold’s ESG credentials
  • Introduction to Qaurum, a tool to help you value gold


John Reade

Chief Market Strategist, World Gold Council

Education Partner

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Wednesday 6 May
11:00 - 12:00


CIOs, consultants and trustees.