Cost transparency a start-to-finish case study

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Cost transparency uncovered: A start-to-finish case study

Post the launch of the Cost Transparency Initiative templates, this webinar looks at the latest insights into cost transparency for UK pension funds and offers useful perspectives on UK data trends. The speakers will take participants through a case-study from start to finish, sharing their perspectives on collating, analysing and reporting on cost transparency data, including preparing for the DC chair’s statement.

What you'll learn

Attendees will gain a broad and practical understanding of cost transparency as they are walked through a UK pension scheme case study.  

Pat Sharman

Managing Director UK, CACEIS

Scott Foster

Product Specialist, Cost Transparency, CACEIS

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Tuesday 5 November
10:00 - 10:45


Trustees and scheme managers who want to understand costs, improve governance, and keep on top of the latest regulatory developments