A golden contribution to pension fund portfolios

10 february 2020 | Webinar

A golden contribution to pension fund portfolios


Gold is more than just a doomsday asset – it performs in good times as well as bad, and is negatively correlated to many other markets.  It has been historically overlooked by pension funds because it does not pay a coupon or dividend, but there has never been a time when effective portfolio diversifiers are needed more than now.

This educational and insightful webinar hosted by the World Gold Council will demystify common misconceptions on gold and highlight the overall benefits it can bring to a pension portfolio.

What you’ll learn

  • Why gold? long-term returns, liquidity, and diversification
  • Explore the drivers behind global gold demand
  • Where can gold fit within a pension fund portfolio?
  • Learn how an allocation to gold can help reduce a portfolio’s risk adjusted returns
  • Need a way to value gold in your portfolio? the World Gold Council’s gold valuation framework can help you


Claire Lincoln

Head of Sales, EMEA, World Gold Council

John Reade

Chief Market Strategist, World Gold Council

Helen Lamb

Membership Engagement Manager, PLSA

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Wednesday 10 February
11:00 - 12:00 


Consultants, trustees, asset managers, pension funds