Workplace Retirement Income Commission final report

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Workplace Retirement Income Commission final report

The Workplace Retirement Income Commission (WRIC) was set up in early 2011 to find better ways to provide retirement income for the millions of working people who depend on workplace saving for security and dignity in retirement.

The main goals of the Commission were to:

  • Find ways to provide retirement saving through the workplace that optimises opportunity, efficiency and adequacy
  • Improve employee confidence in workplace retirement saving
  • Consider the role of education and information in increasing employees' and employers' engagement in retirement saving
  • Encourage employers to provide good quality workplace savings vehicles; and
  • Develop a consensus around the central role of workplace retirement savings

As part of its work, the Commission examined the state of workplace saving today and made 16 recommendations for reform. It was the aim of the Commission to develop consensus around the solutions for improving and strengthening workplace retirement savings..

In August 2011, the Commission published it's final report which outlined its 16 recommendations on how to revitalise workplace retirement savings.

WRIC Final Report

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