Stewardship Disclosure Framework – a report on progress (March 2014)
Stewardship Disclosure Framework – a report on progress (March 2014)

Since the publication in October 2013 of its Stewardship Disclosure Framework and its request that each asset management Stewardship Code signatory complete and return a Framework for their firm there has been an encouraging response from many asset managers.

Thus far, 51 asset managers, representing nearly £10.5 trillion of assets under management, have now responded to our request for greater transparency – all of the completed Frameworks can be found on the NAPF website. A further six asset managers, representing in excess of £3 trillion of asset under management have committed to submit a formal response by the end of March.

However, many large asset managers have yet to respond. Some of the Stewardship Code signatory firms which have yet to reply include some of the largest asset managers in the world. We believe that these firms should follow the example set by their peers and take the opportunity offered by our Framework to be more transparent about how they steward their investments on behalf of their clients.