LGPS views from inside the scheme 2023

LGPS: views from inside the scheme


We have published the results of the 2023 survey of our LGPS members aimed at capturing and assessing the issues that significantly impact local authority pension funds. This is the second survey following the publication in July 2022 of the PLSA’s report: The Local Government Pension Scheme: Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Opportunities, which identified areas where existing good practice can be fortified and where action can be taken to address the ever-increasing regulatory and environmental challenges facing the scheme.

The 2023 survey results show the vast majority of respondents (85%) remain positive about working within the scheme. However, concerns about resourcing persist – with a quarter not feeling they have the right staff in place (23%) – and almost half of respondents noting Tier 3 employers expressed a desire to leave (45%). There are further important findings in areas including key stakeholders, resources, employers and members, working environment and views for the future.

The 2023 edition of the survey was conducted in May and included responses from 92 LGPS representatives. We will continue to engage with Government and key stakeholders to draw attention to these important results.

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