Investment-only platforms – a bespoke and flexible solution (Part 1)

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Investment-only platforms – a bespoke and flexible solution (Part 1)

An increased focus on keeping costs down and providing members with meaningful long term investment options presents trustees and consultants with the challenge of finding appropriate solutions for corporate pension schemes.

In the first of two webinars, we will explore what an investment-only platform is and how it can help tackle these issues.

A truly independent investment-only platform gives trustees and members access to a vast array of fund managers, ensuring transparency and flexibility in providing the most suitable and effective investment vehicles they require.

By enabling corporate pension schemes to build sophisticated solutions, investment-only platforms offer schemes and their members a bespoke opportunity to deliver their investment strategies both now and in the future. 

Please see a link for the second webinar here: Investment-only platforms – a bespoke and flexible solution (Part 2)

What you’ll learn

  • Defining and understanding investment-only platforms
  • The opportunities that investment-only platforms provide to trustees and their advisors
  • How this can help steer you through your next change in investment strategy 
  • The fund options that are typically available on an investment-only platform
  • Reporting and factsheets – the kind of information you should be able to get from your platform provider


Rachel Pine

Head of Content - Events, PLSA

Nick Trinder

Relationship Manager, Phoenix Corporate Investment Services

Jess Williams

Head of CIS, Phoenix Corporate Investment Services

Education Partner

Key info

Date & Time

Thursday 10 September 2020, 11:00 - 12:00


Trustees, pension scheme managers, consultants, fund managers, business members, administrators