Annual General Meeting


Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) happens every autumn and is one way that members can have a say in how we run the PLSA.

In the current unusual circumstances it is not possible to hold the AGM in person at our Annual Conference, and the formal AGM will be held at the home of the Chair without members present.  Members are encouraged to vote by proxy at the AGM.

To give members the opportunity to ask questions about PLSA and its governance, an online question and answer session with Board members taking part will be held immediately after the formal AGM at 9.30am on Tuesday 3 November 2020 by Zoom. The link was provided to PLSA members by email on 16 October 2020. 


This year we’re asking members to pass resolutions on:

  • Adopting our Annual Report and Accounts 2019.
  • Re-appointing BDO as our auditors.
  • Appointing three directors.
  • PLSA Board appointments

Two members of the current Board, John Dembitz (Independent NED) and Patrick Heath-Lay (Member NED) will be standing down at the AGM.

The current term as a Director of the Chair, Richard Butcher, expires at this AGM, but the Board recommend his reappointment for one year, to facilitate an orderly transition.

After a full selection process in accordance with the Rules, the Board has appointed Carol Young as a Member NED and Dave Coplin as an Independent NED.  In accordance with the Articles they retire and offer themselves for re-appointment to a three-year term by members  at this AGM.

Biographies for Carol and Dave can be found here.

AGM documents

On this page you can find:

Proxy voting

Members can vote by proxy. You can appoint the Chair to vote for you and/or submit your votes using the proxy card. 

After reading the notice, please complete the proxy voting card with your name and organisation and return it by email no later than 9am on 2 November 2020.

Member organisations can only submit one proxy voting card and the person who received the email with the link to this page should make the submission. 

Thank you for your support.