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PLSA response to PPF third triennium consultation

PLSA response to PPF third triennium consultation

01 November 2017

The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) has responded to the PPF Third Triennium Consultation on draft levy rules for 2018/19 (Response here - Consultation)

Joe Dabrowski, Head of Governance & Investment, Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association, commented:

“We are pleased that the PPF has continued to engage closely with the PLSA and industry in developing the Levy rules and we have responded to this important consultation.

“It is good news for pension funds and their members that DB schemes will see a 10% reduction in the levy and SME’s a 30% reduction in bills.  Indeed, two thirds of schemes will see a lower levy which is to be welcomed as trustees and pension managers continue to work to improve the sustainability of their schemes.

“We welcome many of the changes suggested in the consultation as this will improve the predictiveness of the levy.  Specifically, we support the proposed changes to the “large and complex” and “independent full” scorecards.  We also note the intention to use credit ratings based on the improved predictiveness for relevant employers, and support the proposal to ‘smooth’ ratings during the year, rather than assess on a one-off basis.

“While there is much to be positive about, we do need to be mindful that there will be many adjustments and changes that need to happen as a result of these proposals and not all schemes will see their payments fall.  We would encourage the PPF to look for ways to mitigate the impact on schemes that will see potentially large year on year increases.

“Looking to the future, we would also encourage close observation of the impact of these proposals once implemented, to ensure that they do not drive unexpected behaviours or costs for schemes and sponsors.”




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