Industry prepares to urge nation to ‘Pay Your Pension Some Attention’ again | PLSA
Industry prepares to urge nation to ‘Pay Your Pension Some Attention’ again

Industry prepares to urge nation to ‘Pay Your Pension Some Attention’ again

01 August 2023

The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) will team up again this September to call on the public to pay their pension some attention.

  • PLSA and ABI team up for year two of #PensionAttention campaign
  • The 2023 campaign, backed by 13 providers, aims to prompt action and inspire behaviour change among hard to reach 30-55 year olds
  • Last year, 19% ​​of people recalled ​the campaign​​ and of those 91% took action with their pension

The multi-award winning #pensionattention campaign, which launched last year with an original rap from grime artist Big Zuu, promises to take a similarly eye-catching and unexpected approach in year two of its three-year mission to boost understanding and engagement in pensions.

Building on a highly successful first season, in 2023, the integrated campaign, backed by 13 providers and a cornerstone of Pension Engagement Season, promises to go further. Drawing on public relations, digital, social and out-of-home tactics, the campaign aims to go beyond awareness, prompting action and inspiring behaviour change among hard-to-reach consumers aged 30 to 55.

Last year’s unexpected pairing of grime and pensions clearly caught the eye of savers: a benchmark study showed 19% ​​of the target audience recalled seeing ​the campaign​​ and of those 91% took action, demonstrating its strength and impact. While at this stage exact details are a closely guarded secret, it can be expected that the iconic campaign megaphone will have a new owner in time for the September campaign launch.

Commenting on this year’s campaign, Hetty Hughes, Manager, Long-Term Savings at the ABI, said: “Our Pay Your Pension Some Attention campaign was the first of its kind, uniting pension providers across the sector in the joint mission to make people more aware, and even excited, about their pensions. Last year we proved being bold works, and we can’t wait to reveal the campaign’s new face for 2023.”

Joe Dabrowski, Deputy Director, Policy at the PLSA, said: “As people continue to face cost of living pressures, this campaign is not about asking people to increase their pension contributions. It’s about making pensions accessible to everybody, and helping savers’ confidence, understanding and awareness. We’re excited to reveal a pensions campaign unlike anything we’ve seen before.”

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