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David Willetts MP to speak about baby boomers and beyond

02 March 2010

Thinker, author and politician, David Willetts MP, will speak at the NAPF Investment Conference in Edinburgh next week about the economic, political and cultural impact of the baby boomer generation on those under the age of 45.
According to Mr Willetts, the baby boomer generation (those born between 1945 and 1965), has not only done disproportionately well from the last 40 years but will soon place a huge strain on public expenditure as they age and retire - with serious economic consequences for today’s under 45s.

Mr Willetts joins more than 40 experts - also speaking at the NAPF Investment Conference, including top economist Roger Bootle, London Stock Exchange CEO, Xavier Rolet, and TV psychologist and author, Oliver James.

The NAPF Investment Conference is designed to help all those concerned with the effective management of pension fund investments navigate their way through these difficult economic times. Full details of the conference programme can be found at http://www.napf.co.uk/Conferences/InvConf2010/index.cfm.

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