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After the storm pension experts gather to chart the investment course ahead

02 March 2010

Almost a 1,000 pension experts will gather in Edinburgh next month to grapple with the challenges thrown up by the recession for pension

investing. Together they are responsible for managing the pension investments of over 15 million people who are saving for retirement

through a workplace pension.

The conference takes place after a dramatic year for pensions which has resulted in one of the toughest periods for pension fund investment on record: deficits have ballooned (in part due to the Government’s own measures to fix the economy); funding pressures have continued to grow; whilst markets have fallen. Meanwhile, the calls for trustees to be more responsible investors have grown louder.

NAPF Chief Executive Joanne Segars said:

“The worse recession in 90 years has hit pension funds with full force. It’s been a turbulent 12 months for pension schemes and the next year looks to be equally stormy.

“Our conference will help pension managers and trustees make the right investment decisions so that millions of employees can look forward to a better retirement.”

High on the agenda will be issues dominating the headlines including:

  • The outlook for UK economy – where do we go from here?
  • Are equities still the right asset for pensions?
  • What are the prospects for investing in gilts?
  • Strategies for DC investment – what is the right investment objective?
  • Corporate governance - can pension fund engagement result in higher investment returns?
  • New Investment frontiers – what’s the next new thing?

The conference will hear from over 50 top speakers including Roger Bootle, (Capital Economics), Xavier Rolet (LSE), John Plender (FT), David Smith (The Sunday Times), Oliver James, psychologist and broadcaster and a host of pension fund experts.

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