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Question for your Manager

Question for your Manager

18 May 2017

The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association publishes topical questions to aid trustees in considering the effectiveness of their managers’ stewardship activity. We encourage funds to ask these questions during their regular manager reviews in an effort to understand their managers’ approaches and activities and to ensure that they are adhering to the stewardship policies.


Background: A new guide published by the PRI and the UN Global Compact has noted discrepancies between corporate sustainability plans and the investment practices of their corporate pension plan. 50 per cent of the world’s largest corporations are signatories to the global compact on sustainability, but only 10 per cent of their pension plans are signed up to the PRI’s principles of responsible investment. The guide authors suggest that corporate pension plans commitment to sustainable investing will be critical to the achievement of the UN’’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Question: Are your investment practices compatible with our sponsor organisation’s sustainability commitments and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

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