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PiP goes direct

10 March 2016

Mike Weston, Chief Executive of the Pensions Infrastructure Platform was circulating widely at the EICC yesterday following the launch of the PiP Multi-Strategy Infrastructure Fund. The Fund has a target size of £1bn and will invest directly in UK infrastructure. It will offer a co-investment programme for larger investors to allow them to achieve even further benefits of scale. And to enable smaller pension schemes to participate, the Fund will have a minimum commitment size that effectively allows schemes of any size to invest and still share the same terms with all other investors. This aligns the Fund with one of PiP’s core principles of being open to all pension schemes, regardless of size or ultimate sponsor.

The Fund will focus on core UK infrastructure, targeting transportation; (renewable) energy; utilities; communications; housing; and social infrastructure, and have a long-term buy-and-hold investment strategy to generate low risk, inflation-linked cash flows. Investors can achieve their preferred investment exposure through the co-investment programme and the Fund’s sub-portfolios, which have different risk/return characteristics. More details can be found on the PiP website here.


Jane Dawson

Jane Dawson
Head of Publishing