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Participate in PLSA’s research project workshops: The LGPS’s landscape and future challenges

29 June 2021

The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) has shown its mettle over the last year and a half through its resilience in navigating through the impact of the global pandemic. But, we can’t ever rest on our laurels for too long. The PLSA was pleased to launch - at its annual Local Authority Conference in May - a research project dedicated to bolstering the LGPS of tomorrow: “Landscape and Future Challenges”. At its core, the work seeks to find sensible ways to mitigate risks we can see coming down the track, and maybe some that we can’t, through futureproofing.

Please have your voice heard!

We are asking our LGPS members to take part in the project by:

  • Sharing insights on current and future challenges in four different workshops to be held in July 2021, focused on the themes of Frameworks, Employers, Tools and Operational Sustainability.
  • Completing a survey on specific areas of focus and expertise. The survey will be launched in September 2021, informed by the outputs of the July workshops.

Workshop Dates

These workshops will give you the opportunity to discuss your experiences and challenges with colleagues and us the chance to listen to and engage with our LGPS members on these important issues. PLSA members are invited to attend any of the following sessions, which will last for up to 2.5 hours:
Session One
Monday 19 July

 - the challenges the LGPS faces in navigating multiple guidance from different sources

Session 2
Tuesday 20 July

 - will discuss LGPS engagement with its complex employer landscape

Session 3
Wednesday 21 July

 - tools and emerging technologies to assist the LGPS in the execution of its multiple duties

Session 4
Thursday 22 July

- budgets, resources, talent management and increased ESG-linked reporting

What we will do with your input

The purpose of this project is to draw on qualitative and quantitative evidence provided by our LGPS members:

  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of the major issues and challenges facing the operation of the scheme;
  • To establish a baseline of data and information from which to measure against in future years;
  • To identify best practices or gaps in effective operations; and
  • To identify where additional clarity is needed on guidance from the regulators and the Government.

The final report will be published in December 2021.

Please RSVP to Beth Thomas to secure your place. Spaces are limited.

Tiffany Tsang
Head of DB, LGPS and
nvestment, PLSA
Simon Sarker
Head of Research, PLSA
Nicky Day
Insight Manager, PLSA