ITN Business and the PLSA to produce news-style programme ‘Pensions at Work 100' | PLSA
ITN Business and the PLSA to produce news-style programme ‘Pensions at Work 100'

ITN Business and the PLSA to produce news-style programme ‘Pensions at Work 100'

26 October 2022

The PLSA and ITN Business are producing a news-style programme to reflect on the advances made by the pensions industry to support good retirement outcomes over the last century and to showcase its ideas on how to address today’s challenges and opportunities.

In this uncertain climate, having a safety net of retirement savings is important, however with the current cost of living price rises, savings are understandably pushed lower down people’s list of priorities. Despite widespread under-saving, currently only a quarter (26%) of people saving into a pension say they can afford to save more to boost their retirement income. However, the pensions industry knows that if the industry does not help people prepare for the future, today’s cost of living crisis will become tomorrow’s pensions crisis.

The PLSA was formed in 1923 and the last century has witnessed significant changes in pension provisions. From the rise and fall of defined pension schemes, changes in state pensions and significant innovations such as automatic enrolment, through to exciting possibilities in Fintech, have changed the industry for the better. However, today we wrestle with new pressures such as how to invest for better outcomes. With ESG considerations at the top of people’s agendas, there is pressure to design more future-proof pension products as well as ensuring savers are educated on the importance of pensions to secure their futures.

Anchored by an ITN Business presenter from the ITN London studio, “Pensions at Work 100” will help navigate the world of pensions and retirement savings and will showcase the work done by the industry in the past and how it is developing the solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.

Featuring interviews with industry thought leaders, news items and insightful sponsored editorial profiles, the programme will launch at the PLSA’s 100th Anniversary Annual Conference in October 2023 and will be supported by an extensive communications campaign targeting PLSA members.

Julian Mund, Chief Executive, PLSA said: “As the PLSA celebrates its centenary, we are looking forward and exploring how the pensions sector can stay in front of the emerging challenges and opportunities that face retirement savings over the next 100 years. As technology, demographics and new industry trends take hold, we need to work together as an industry to help everyone achieve a better income in retirement.”

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Business said: “We are delighted to partner with PLSA to create a programme raising awareness and understanding of pensions and savings. There is still a lack of understanding around pension opportunities and we hope this programme provides a platform to address the knowledge gap and secure futures.”

For further information or if your organisation has a story to share please contact Head Programme Director James Linden at [email protected]

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