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Global picture of uncertainty

04 March 2016

Opening the main Conference sessions today our Chair, Lesley Williams painted a picture of global uncertainty. She said: "There is uncertainty everywhere we look which is contributing to a collective sense of instability.”
However, she warmly welcomed the ‘fantastic news’ from the Chancellor last week that there would be no change to pensions tax, thereby removing one uncertainty. She said: “Responding to the rising cry from our members, the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association has remained firmly against any changes to pensions tax. We all appreciate that the Chancellor has a pressing short-term need to repair the budget deficit and now we can appreciate that he is also committed to the long-term good.”
She noted that it would be naïve not to recognise the timing point given that the Chancellor might want to keep the focus on Brexit matters but said: “Whatever the reasons, now we can continue and build on the good work started by automatic enrolment. We can focus on encouraging people to save enough for retirement. We can concentrate on some positive changes like improving governance and building the process, products and investment vehicles needed to deliver trusted workplace pensions that work for savers.”


Jane Dawson

Jane Dawson
Head of Publishing