The Idea Series: Small Pots, Big Solutions

The Idea Series: Small Pots, Big Solutions

Published 5th July 2021 by:

Small pots create administration challenges for schemes and the risk of paying high charges or even losing track of pensions for savers.

But the number of small pots has continued to grow. In 2020, the PPI projected that without policy change the number of deferred pots could grow from 8m to 27m by 2035.

‘Small Pots, Big Solutions’ is the first edition in a new series of collaborations between the PLSA and our industry partners where we show the power of our industry in coming together to understand complex challenges.

This thought leadership report identifies areas where progress can be made – in auto-consolidation, data-matching, and pensions dashboards – and highlights outstanding questions which still need to be addressed.

We are grateful to our partners ITM and Altus for co-creating this new content.

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