Carbon Emissions Template

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Carbon Emissions Template (CET)

A Joint PLSA/ABI/IA Working Group developed the Carbon Emissions Template (CET) to help pension schemes meet their obligations under the Climate Change Governance and Reporting Regulations, and associated DWP Statutory Guidance, and to help insurers and investment managers fulfil their obligations under the FCA’s new ESG Sourcebook as set out in PS21/24.

The first phase of the group’s remit was to create a standard template and data specification to provide pension schemes with the core data required to calculate the three mandatory metrics and to make the required disclosures about data coverage and data quality.

The template provides a detailed specification of a standardised data set to be transmitted in the form of a delimited text file. This enables flexibility for recipients when processing the data and performing their own calculations. It should be used to provide data for use by pension schemes in relation to their scheme years ending 31 December 2021, with the first sets of data expected to be made available by investment managers at the end of the first quarter.