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Investment Conference 2022 | 25-26 May | EICC, Edinburgh


Please find below all of the information you should need to exhibit at the PLSA Investment Conference 2022. 

It is essential that all exhibitors and contractors adhere to the regulations set out here. As an exhibitor it is your responsibility to ensure any contractors you appoint for this event are aware of the build guidelines.

Should you require assistance with any of the information contained on these pages please contact
Naomi Hoad [email protected] or  0207 601 1739.



Space only stands:
Monday 23 May 08:00* - 20:00              
Tuesday 24 May 08:00 - 14:00 

Please note that to company with CDM regulations*** all construction must be complete by 14:00 in order that we can relax the requirement for PPE and exhibitors may enter the hall to dress their stands. Space only stands may be dressed after this time but no construction may take place.

Shell scheme and shell scheme plus stands:
Tuesday 24 May 14:00 - 18:00             

You may enter the exhibition hall from 08:00 though it will be necessary to wear full PPE in order to meet CDM regulations. Post 14:00 you may be in the hall without PPE.

*Contractors will be allocated a time slot for unloading. Slots are allocated by the EICC in conjunction with the H&S Manager, based on the build complexity and position within the hall. The time will be confirmed to you once we have your Construction Phase Plan.


Thursday 26 May 17:15 - 22:00