Helping members run their schemes, November 2023 update | PLSA
Helping members run their schemes, November 2023 update

Helping members run their schemes, November 2023 update

13 November 2023

One of the consequences of having our Annual Conference in mid-October is that, as soon as it’s over (plus, to be honest, a bit of holiday time to recover, because the Conference was great but very busy), the year-end is suddenly in sight.

That means there are just a few weeks left to refine our plans for 2024, so now is a good time for you to let us know if there are particular policy or regulatory issues that you want to see us tackle in the New Year.

Of course, we do already have outline plans and I’m sure that our ongoing work on pensions adequacy, DB funding, Dashboards, responsible investment and small pots will all feature. There will also be technical issues such as the FCA’s Primary Markets Effectiveness Review, where we are closely involved. The team are always keen to make sure they’ve scanned the horizon as thoroughly as possible, so your input and help would be welcome. Just drop me a line at [email protected].

One surprise on my return from post-Conference leave was to find that we already have 250 people registered for our 7 December Policy Insights Webinar, which will cover the ‘top ten’ regulatory issues that schemes should watch out for in 2024. We’ll be pulling out all the stops to make it as useful as possible, so do consider registering if you haven’t already done so. It will also be available on ‘catch-up’.

On a more mundane note (though very important to me in my Membership role), this is the time of year when we ask PLSA members to pay their subscriptions for next year. We’ll be sending out invoices at the start of December, so please look out for those and let me know if you would welcome a conversation with Helen, Cheryl or me to ensure you’re getting full value from your membership.

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