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Helping Members run their schemes, March update

Helping Members run their schemes, March update

06 March 2023

One of the striking features of 2023 so far has been the strong turnout for PLSA webinars. I know there are a lot of webinars out there, so it’s been good to see our PLSA offerings getting plenty of interest.

A distinctive feature of our webinars is that they give you, PLSA members, the chance to hear and question the top policy-makers. Just last week we had TPR’s Chair Sarah Smart explaining the thinking behind the proposals on value for money in DC schemes, which are currently out for consultation. A month ago, we had her colleagues discussing the new DB Funding Code – another very important consultation. TPR are certainly keeping us busy!

I am very keen that we maintain a strong online service for all sorts of reasons, such as convenience and sustainability. And because we know our in-person conferences - popular as they are - don’t suit everyone.

Recordings of all PLSA webinars are available to watch on our website. Perhaps have a look at the one I chaired on our Five Steps to Better Pensions proposals, which addresses the central challenge of ensuring everyone gets a decent income in retirement?

Speaking of income levels, I know many of you are very focused on helping your members through the current cost-of-living crisis, so I wanted to mention the useful materials that our colleagues at the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) have produced through their MoneyHelper brand. It’s content that you can slot into your scheme newsletter / website / intranet / social media to direct your members to practical information about managing their finances. Worth a look.

As ever, please contact me at [email protected] if you have comments you would like to share on PLSA services.

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