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Building World-Class Systems at PLSA Annual Conference & Exhibition 2019

Building World-Class Systems at PLSA Annual Conference & Exhibition 2019

25 July 2019

Rachel Pine , Events & Training Content Manager, unveils the programme for our upcoming event.

This year’s Annual Conference & Exhibition, taking place from 16-18 October in Manchester features our most internationally-focused programme to date. ‘Building world-class systems’ examines large DB and DC schemes from around the world – including those of the UK – to understand and share information on best practice in funding, administration, saver engagement and more. We are all looking forward to a rich exchange of thoughts and ideas with speakers representing some of the world’s largest and best-regarded pension systems, including those of Australia, Canada, the US and the Netherlands.

We’ll also be launching the Retirement Living Standards that we have been working on for more than a year, which we believe will be a giant step forward in helping savers to understand, clearly, how much money they might need for the lifestyle they would like in retirement. This will be the first look at our most important piece of policy work this year, and it has the potential to transform the conversation around saving.

This year’s AC&E features lots of interactive and multimedia content, including what may be the world’s first live pension consultation with the regulator and a Question Time session with a cast of characters including Shadow Pensions Minister Jack Dromey, former pensions minister Steve Webb, and millennial financial journalist Iona Bain, among other notable names. We are also pleased to be joined by BBC business broadcaster Steph McGovern, who discusses ideas on how to create engagement on a massive scale.

Like everyone else, our industry and the savers who rely on us may feel unsettled by current events, and the Annual Conference & Exhibition’s proximity to the new Brexit deadline of 31 October ensures that it will be a time of high political drama. Political journalist and broadcaster Laura Kuenssberg, who can be seen nightly on the BBC, will join us to provide an up-to-the-moment overview of what is happening, and what may happen next with the negotiations and with our government.

The programme is nearly complete and we are excited to share it with everyone. From understanding DB consolidation to encouraging diversity and inclusion in trustee boards, to new and exciting learnings about Generation AE and our brand-new content stream devoted to using technology to encourage saver engagement, Annual Conference & Exhibition 2019 programme is absolutely chokka with cutting-edge research, amazing speakers, current events and much more, presented in ways that will allow conference delegates to fully engage with the information, ask questions and learn from their peers from around the world.

View the Annual Conference & Exhibition 2019 programme here

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