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 Helping members run their schemes, March update

Helping members run their schemes, March update

08 March 2024

I am writing this while in ‘recovery mode’ from an enjoyable but slightly exhausting PLSA Investment Conference in Edinburgh.

(Memo to self – no more hosting of late dinners for our members and then getting up extra-early to lead the pre-breakfast Conference Run the next day. The burning-at-both-ends approach that used to suit me just fine no longer works....)

We had more delegates than last year and it was fantastic to see the Conference so busy. Some of those members were making good use of our new ‘workstation’ area, introduced because we know you need to keep up with the day-job while still getting all the conference benefits of networking and catching up with the latest thinking.

One example of latest thinking that we published in Edinburgh was our collection of 'S in ESG' case studies – practical examples of how pension schemes and providers are building ‘Social’ factors into their investment strategies. It’s well worth a read.

While it was great to see so many PLSA members in person, we are well aware that many of you want our content online, as evidenced by the 330 who dialled into our recent Policy Insights Webinar on Lifetime Allowance abolition. Unfortunately we had a few sound issues, but our very helpful HMRC presenter kindly re-recorded her presentation and has also supplied written answers to some of the questions that we didn’t have time to tackle on the day. It’s all on our website.

We are now preparing for our next webinar – an update on 'Pot for Life and Small Pots' - on 21 March. Do please register. And if you have any specific questions you want to see covered, then please let me know on [email protected].

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