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 Helping members run their schemes, June update

Helping members run their schemes, June update

03 June 2024

Whether you are an avid politics-watcher like me or wish the whole thing was already over, I suspect you will agree that the General Election matters.

While there will certainly be some continuity regardless of who wins (e.g. on the ‘Pensions and Growth’ agenda) the parties have very different policies in other areas (think Lifetime Allowance, for example).

From the PLSA’s perspective, the election is an opportunity to communicate clear messages about what we and our members think the next Government’s pensions priorities should be. In case you haven’t seen it, do take a look at the very clear statement that our Director of Policy and Advocacy, Nigel Peaple, has published, setting out five key priorities for the first 100 days of the next administration. The five key issues are:

  • supporting adequate pension saving
  • helping savers navigate choices at retirement
  • supporting well-run defined benefit schemes
  • bridging the pensions and growth gap, and
  • supporting the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

There is also a two-page briefing note that gives more detail.

We will be discussing these and many other issues in our Policy Insights Webinar on ‘Pensions manifestos – what they tell us about the next Government’ on 18 June. We have also added a webinar on ‘Pensions and Growth – a post-election update’ on 16 July.

I’ll be chairing both webinars and we’ll be hearing from our in-house parliamentary expert Katy Little and other Policy colleagues about how we plan to push these issues up the new administration’s agenda. I already have plenty of questions to put to Katy and would be delighted to have yours in advance. Just send them to me on [email protected]. There will be plenty to discuss, no doubt!

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