Old Mutual

Old Mutual Global Investors (OMGI) is the award winning London-based asset management arm of Old Mutual Wealth, with a reach spanning key international markets including the UK, Europe, and Asia and the Americas. We manage £29.2 billion* on behalf of clients, including public pension schemes, financial institutions and wealth managers.  Our aim is to deliver strong investment performance and customer-focused investment solutions that result in positive outcomes for our clients.  OMGI has grown rapidly over the last five years, expanding its investment capabilities and diversifying its distribution both by channel and geography.

* As at 30 September 2016

Contact: Donald Pepper
Job title: Managing Director, Institutional
Address: 2 Lambeth Hill, London, EC4P 4WR
Tel: 020 7332 7505
Email: donald.pepper@omglobalinvestors.com
2nd Email: craig.stevenson@omglobalinvestors.com
Website: www.omglobalinvestors.com