Space only stands


Please note that space only stands exclude walls, fascia and name board. At this venue the floor is carpeted.


All exhibitors and contractors must adhere to all regulations, including those laid out in the event e-guide. This is available to download. You can access the e-guide via the following link here. It is the responsibility of the space only exhibitor to build adequate solid self-supporting partition walls between themselves and their neighbours to a minimum height of 2.5m. Each dividing wall must be decorated on the reverse in either black or white above 2.5m.

Build Schedule

Build may only take place within the published schedule.

21 May 2018 - 10:00-16:00. All stands must be completed by this time.

Stands may be dressed between 16:00 - 17:00.

Flooring - please note that venue is carpeted. If you intend to lay your own flooring you must lay a platform on top of the existing carpet.

Rigging - rigging is not available in the room.


Maximum height - the maximum build height is 3m.

Solid walls -  are not permitted on the perimeter of any stand which faces an aisle. Exhibitors are aware of their stand location at the time of booking.

Walling-in - on any open side is only allowed as long as two thirds of that open side remains open or is made of transparent material, or the wall is stepped in 1m. For example if any exhibitor wishes to have solid walling on a 3m open side, only 1m may be solid walling and the rest must be completely open. It is responsibility of the exhibitor or the principal stand designer to ensure that sides remain open.



Please send a pdf or jpeg files with the plans of your stand. This needs to include all dimensions, doors, flooring information (platform or flats). A visual render of the stand would be helpful if you have one.

All plans will be checked and approval for permission to build will be notified. Please send all forms & stand plans in an electronic format to  by 4 May 2018

For further information and queries please contact: 

Meggie Goodridge, A&C Exhibitions Ltd, Health and Safety Manager, on  01403 711047 or  07977106617


To be completed by all exhibitors or contractors for the build/break or set up of the stand to include any special items or activities on stand during the show hours. Risk assessments are required from every exhibitor. If you do not have one of your own, there is a blank one here you can use.


To be completed by all exhibitors who are building a space or free build stand or who are building inside a shell scheme stand. Any shell scheme exhibitors building within the shell must also send drawings of their stand. If you do not have your own, there is a blank one you may use one found here and here

Joe Manby Ltd, our exhibition supplier

Joe Manby Ltd is our exhibition supplier for 2018 events. As part of their service we have been allocated an account manager who can help with any aspect of planning or booking your shell scheme stand.  For all exhibitor queries please contact:

Ben Atkinson
Event Co-ordinator
 01423 814739

Please ensure you have read and returned the relevant forms by the appropriate deadlines below. Alternatively it is possible to do all the orders on their website;  please click through to their online shop to order.

Health & Safety form

All exhibitors need to submit this form, please submit to  by 4 May 2018 


Courier and handling by 14 May 2018