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Space only stands

This page contains important information about the design and build of your stand so please read it thoroughly.
Space only stands exclude walls, carpet, fascia and name board.
Exhibitors and contractors must adhere to all regulations, including those laid out in the event e-guide. To help you understand the regulations for this event, you can refer to the e-guide, which has been put together specifically for the exhibition and event industry. You can access the e-guide via the following link here  

Solid Walls

It is the responsibility of the space only exhibitor to build adequate solid self supporting partition walls between themselves and their neighbours to a minimum height of 2.5m. Each dividing wall must be either black or white on the reverse above 2.5m.

Solid walls to the stand are NOT PERMITTED on the perimeter of any stand which faces an aisle for more than ONE THIRD the length of the open side. Exhibitors are aware of their stand location at the time of booking. To reiterate this walling-in on any open side is only allowed as long as two thirds of that open side remains open or is made of transparent material, or the wall is stepped in 1m. For example if any exhibitor wishes to have solid walling on a 6m open side, only 2m may be solid walling and the rest must be completely open. It is responsibility of the exhibitor or the principal stand designer to ensure that sides remain open. For example an island site with four sides open MUST remain an island site.

Maximum Height

The maximum build height is 4m. No items may be rigged above this height.  Any rigged items must be flown within the 4m height restriction. Two storey stands are not permitted and items may not extend into the aisles or protrude above the maximum building height.

Only official sponsored banners may be rigged above 4m. These must be approved by PLSA by 7 September 2018. Should you wish to book a banner and haven't already done so please contact for further information. All costs associated with banner production and rigging are the responsibility of the sponsor.

Please submit plans for approval no later than 24 August to Meggie Goodridge at A&C Exhibitions. 


Stand approval for space only 

 Your space only exhibition stand must meet the build requirements stated above. Space only exhibitors are required to submit plans for approval to Meggie Goodridge, email:  by 24 August 2018. Please ensure that you include:

  • 1 plan to scale not less than 1:50
  • stand dimensions
  • build heights
  • orientation details
  • Any rigged items
  • If possible a visual render 

Health and Safety forms

Risk assessment for space only

Every space only exhibitor must complete and return a risk assessment for stand build. Risk assessments should be returned to Meggie Goodridge, email;  by 24 August 2018. If you do not have one of your own you may use our template here  

Method statement for space only
Every space only exhibitor must complete and submit a method statement so that we are aware of how you plan to construct the stand. Please ensure the person responsible for health and safety for your stand completes this form. Method statements must be returned to Meggie Goodridge, email;  by 24 August 2018. If you do not have one of your own you may use our template  here. 

Site Induction
The site induction must be read before going on site, please sign the H&S declaration below to indicate that you have fully read this information. Download the site induction  here.

H&S declaration
Please sign the bottom of this form to declare that you will comply with H&S Regulations and that you have read the site induction. Please return to Meggie Goodridge, email;  by 24 August 2018.

Construction Phase Plan
The organiser is responsible for the overall construction of the event and will complete the necessary paperwork but also, for the purpose of the CDM Regulations, every stand build with construction upon it (space or shell) must complete a CCP for the build & breakdown of the stand. This must be completed by either the client (the exhibitor); the principal designer (the stand designer) or the principal contractor (the build contractor). The exhibitor may be all of these or may delegate this to the stand designer/contractor who may also be the same company, The form can be found here


Power to the exhibition hall will be turned on at 08:00 and shut down at 20:00 on each open day. If you require a 24 hour power supply you will need to arrange this through Joe Manby Limited by contacting Ben at or 01423 814739.


The exhibition hall at the ACC Liverpool is permanently carpeted with dark grey tiles. If you wish to lay your own carpet or alternative flooring please lay a floor platform or floor flats. The venue does not permit sticking carpet directly onto the existing floor. Joe Manby are able to help with this should you require. Please contact Ben at for more details.

On-site Storage

At the end of each day the hall will be locked and secured. It is advisable to secure valuable items in lockable storage overnight. Lockable counters and cupboards are available from Joe Manby. We encourage you to build storage into your stand if possible. You can do this via the Joe Manby shell scheme extras form. Any items left on your stand unattended overnight are done so at your own risk. We also have limited storage units outside of the exhibition hall, please note that the number of units are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. For more information, please We encourage you to build storage into your stand if possible. You can do this via the Joe Manby shell scheme extras form. Any items left on your stand unattended overnight are done so at your own risk. 


The PLSA will be providing Wi-Fi throughout the venue for the duration of the event in order to facilitate the Conference App. If you require a secure and dedicated connection for your exhibition stand please complete the IT & Internet form below. 

Exhibition stand cleaning

The carpet in the exhibition hall (including stands) will be vacuum cleaned at the close of each day. If you feel your stand will require a more thorough clean it is possible to arrange this as an additional service. This is a paid for service and can be arranged through ACC Liverpool. Please contact Darren Neal for more details

Rigging of your sponsored banners

Only official banners approved by the PLSA may be rigged in the exhibition hall. All offical banners must be rigged 1 clear metre above stand height, and must not constitute an extension of your stand. If you have booked an official sponsored banner through the PLSA you should contact Dave Bateman to arrange rigging;, alternatively please see this form and complete. Should you wish to book a banner and have not already done so please contact for further information. All costs associated with banner production and rigging are the responsibility of the sponsor. Please note, as stated in the confirmation of sponsorship, the PLSA  must approve the banner artwork prior to production. Please supply artwork for approval by the 7 September. Any un-authorised banners will not be rigged.  


As part of Joe Manby's service we are allocated an account manager who can help with any aspect of planning or booking your shell scheme stand.  For all exhibitor queries please contact:

Ben Atkinson
Event Co-ordinator 
01423 814739

Please ensure you have read and returned the relevant forms by the appropriate deadlines below. Alternatively it is possible to do all the orders on their website;   please click through to their online shop to order.

acc liverpool order forms

Courier, lifting and handling

Please refer to the exhibitor checklist for all documents to ensure that you are submitting the correct ones for your stand.