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Shell scheme stands

As a shell scheme exhibitor you will have pre-ordered your stand at the time of booking. Your basic stand consists of the following as standard:

  • 1, 2 or 3 wall(s) with 3, 2 or 1 open side(s) (depending on location of stand)
  • Basic electrics package (1x 500w electric socket and 2 x 120w spotlights)
  • White vinyl walling
  • Dark grey cord carpet 
  • Curved illuminated name board that displays the stand no. and company name (your company name will appear as submitted on your booking form without the Limited, Plc, etc. If  it is different please let us know)
  • Stand cleaning

Shell scheme plus

Your basic stand consists of all of the above plus:

  •  Full graphic clad walls (exhibitor to provide artwork). Please contact Ben at for more details on artwork specification  
  •  Furniture package (comprising of 1 x table and 2 x chairs).

Shell stand build

If you plan to build a stand within your shell scheme or have the walls or ceiling removed to build your own stand this will be treated as a space only stand and you will need to fulfil the criteria for space stands.

If you would like to order specific graphics for your panels on your stand please refer to the form below.

Please ensure that you read the health and safety section and complete the relevant forms.

All exhibitors and contractors must adhere to all regulations, including those laid out in the event e-guide. To help you understand the regulations for this event, you can refer to the e-guide, which has been put together specifically for the exhibition and event industry. You can access it via the following link here  

Please note that when fixing items to the panels please use either double-sided sticky tape or Velcro.

Solid walls are not permitted on the perimeter of any stand which faces an aisle. Where a stand faces an aisle the open side must remain open and free from obstruction. Items may not extend into the aisles or protrude above the maximum building height.

Shell scheme panel dimensions 

Your modular shell scheme stand will be constructed using a 2.5m high Click Modular System and consist of white melamine wall panels, framed in anodised aluminum at 1m centres (0.75m, 0.5m and 0.25m centres may be necessary depending on stand layouts). Please click here for full dimensions and visuals.


The exhibition hall at the ACC Liverpool is permanently carpeted with dark grey tiles. If you wish to lay your own carpet or alternative flooring please lay a floor platform or floor flats. The venue does not permit sticking carpet directly onto the existing floor. Joe Manby are able to help with this should you require. Please contact Ben at for more details.



Power to the exhibition hall will be turned on at 08:00 and shut down at 20:00 on each open day. If you require a 24 hour power supply you will need to arrange this through Joe Manby by contacting Ben at or 01423 814739.

On-site Storage

At the end of each day the hall will be locked and secured. It is advisable to secure valuable items in lockable storage overnight. Lockable counters and cupboards are available from Joe Manby. We encourage you to build storage into your stand if possible. You can do this via the Joe Manby shell scheme extras form. Any items left on your stand unattended overnight are done so at your own risk. We may also have limited storage units outside of the exhibition hall, please note that the number of units are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. For more information, please


The PLSA will be providing Wi-Fi throughout the venue for the duration of the event in order to facilitate the Conference App. If you require a secure and dedicated connection for your exhibition stand please visit ACC Liverpool’s online ordering system, details below.

Stand cleaning, IT and AV


For stand cleaning, IT and AV please visit ACC Liverpool’s online ordering system here. To make an order you will be required to input the event ID number which is 14496, you will also be required to input your stand name and number and you will then be taken to an additional page where you will be given a list of items or services that you can select from. You then may be asked to provide some further details regarding the order, for example, time the service is required.

If it is the first time that you are using this service you will be required to create a login profile. Once you are signed in, you will then proceed to a page where you can input your payment details for your order.
Please note, your order will not be confirmed until payment has been taken. If you are having troubles processing the payment, please contact ACC Liverpool’s Business Centre team by phone (0151 239 6001), or via email ( and the team will be able to complete your order manually*.


As per their ordering system, all items are subject to an early and late order price**. Please note that online ordering will close 3 days prior to the exhibition opening. If you do wish to place an order after this deadline please contact their Business Centre team who will be able to process your order manually*.


*All items are subject to venue availability.

**Late order pricing becomes effective 14 days prior to exhibition opening.

Rigging of your sponsored banners

Only official banners approved by the PLSA may be rigged in the exhibition hall. All official banners must be rigged 1 clear metre above stand height, and must not constitute an extension of your standIf you have booked an official sponsored banner through the PLSA you should contact Dave Bateman to arrange rigging;, alternatively please see this form and complete. Should you wish to book a banner and have not already done so please contact for further information. Please note that we can accommodate banners in most places in the exhibition hall but some areas are more challenging than others due to a lower ceiling height. Dependant on where your stand is located in the hall will depend on the size of banner and whether one can be rigged at all, please check with Ellie before you start the design of your banner.  All costs associated with banner production and rigging are the responsibility of the sponsor. Please note, as stated in the confirmation of sponsorship, the PLSA must approve the banner artwork prior to production. Please supply artwork for approval by the 7 September. Any un-authorised banners will not be rigged. 


As part of Joe Manby's service we are allocated an account manager who can help with any aspect of planning or booking your shell scheme stand.  For all exhibitor queries please contact:

Ben Atkinson
Event Co-ordinator 
01423 814739

Please ensure you have read and returned the relevant forms by the appropriate deadlines below. Alternatively it is possible to do all the orders on their website;   please click through to their online shop to order.

acc liverpool order forms

  • Water, waste & other  to be returned by 1 October 2018
  • Rigging to be returned by 1 October 2018
  • Catering to be complete by 1 October 2018
  • For stand cleaning, AV and IT please complete ACC Liverpool's online ordering by 1 October 2018

Courier, lifting and handling

Please refer to the exhibitor checklist for all documents to ensure that you are submitting the correct ones for your stand.