Health and safety

Health and safety 

To help you understand the regulations for this event, you can refer to the e-guide, which has been put together specifically for the exhibition and event industry. It should help you. You can access the e-guide via the following link.

Site induction and H&S declaration

From April 2015 the HSE has decided to extend the CDM (Construction, Design & Management  Regulations) to cover and include the Event & Exhibition Industry. This means some changes.

All personnel who will be on-site during the build or breakdown will need to have seen the site induction. This has information about site rules, timetable, general information and emergency procedures. You can access this  and also this has been emailed to all exhibitors and contractors. Copies will also be available on-site. Please ensure that all exhibitors, contractors, sub-contractors, supplier and their agents complete the H&S declaration form here.

Exhibitors must ensure that all employees, contractors, sub-contractors and agents, comply with the regulations of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (and subsequent regulations made under it) as well as the CDM 2015 regulations . It is the responsibility of the exhibiting company to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors and visitors as far as is reasonably practicable throughout the event.

Construction Phase Plan (CPP)

The organiser is responsible for the overall construction of the event and will complete the necessary paperwork but also, for the purpose of the CDM Regulations, every stand build with construction upon it (space or shell) must complete a CCP for the build & breakdown of the stand. This must be completed by either the client (the exhibitor); the principal designer (the stand designer) or the principal contractor (the build contractor). The exhibitor may be all of these or may delegate this to the stand designer/contractor who may also be the same company, The form can be found here.

Protective clothing on-site

It is important for all contractors and exhibitors to wear suitable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) eg, hi-vis bibs and appropriate (robust) footwear etc. Please ensure you bring sufficient with you for you and your staff during build and breakdown. Hi-vis is mandatory during build and breakdown inside the hall and the loading bay, these are available to purchase from the venue should you require one at £3 per vest. Also if you are working under a high structure please bring hard hats.  

Risk assessment

To be completed by all exhibitors or contractors for the build/break or set up of the stand to include any special items or activities on stand during the show hours.

Risk assessments are required from every exhibitor. If you do not have one of your own, there is a blank one you may use found here.

Method statement

To be completed by all exhibitors who are building a space or free build stand or who are building inside a shell scheme stand. Any shell scheme exhibitors building within the shell must also send drawings of their stand. If you do not have your own, there is a blank one you may use found here.

Stand plan check and permission to build

Please send a pdf or jpeg files with the plans of your stand. This needs to include all dimensions, doors, flooring information (platform or flats) and any rigged items. A visual render of the stand would be helpful if you have one. All plans will be checked and approval for permission to build will be notified. For further information and queries please contact: Meggie Goodridge - Health and Safety Manager, 07977106617 or 1403 7110472 or  by 24 August 2018.