Investment Conference 2019 technical manual

Exhibition technical manual information

Please use the left hand menu to navigate through all of the information you should need in preparing to exhibit at the PLSA Investment Conference 2019. Please ensure you read the information carefully and make sure you share the relevant information with your contactors. Order forms and guidelines are provided specific to your stand type. Please refer to either the space only or shell scheme (includes shell scheme plus) pages.  If you are unsure which applies to you, please contact Ellie Halls, contact details below. 

Space only stands will be able to access the exhibition hall for set up from 08:00 on Monday 4 March and shell scheme stands will be able to set up from 08:00 on Tuesday 5 March. Please refer to the 'Installation, dismantling and deliveries' sub menu for further details.


Should you require assistance with any of the information contained on these pages please contact or 020 7601 1739