Investment Conference 2018 - exhibitors

Thank you for your support of the PLSA Investment Conference 2018

We hope the conference was a success for you. Our exhibitors and sponsors go a long way to making the event what it is, thank you.

Final numbers:

750 delegates (excluding no shows 727), last year 757 delegates (excluding no shows 739)
966 attendees (excluding no show 933), last year 952 attendees (excluding no shows 935)
139 pension schemes represented, last year 144 (138 is the average number over the last 3 years)
Split business/fund & other 50/50%, last year 53/47%

We had 42 new organisations at the event (did not attend in 2017.  There were 65 delegates that attended from these organisations).

We had 43 new organisations at the event (did not attend in 2017, of whom 22 are also new members. There were 57 delegates that attended from these organisations).

Exhibition and sponsorship:

We had 15 organisations that were new to exhibiting and sponsoring in 2018, 6 of these members are also new to membership.



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