NAPF Corporate Governance Policy & Voting Guidelines 2014
NAPF Corporate Governance Policy & Voting Guidelines 2014

The NAPF’s Corporate Governance Policy and Voting Guidelines aim to assist investors and their proxy voting agents in their interpretation of the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code when assessing a company’s compliance with it. We encourage companies to make efforts to identify their long-term investors - those investing with long-term objectives rather than those involved in short-term trading - to enable regular dialogue with a critical mass of engaged shareholders.

The 2014 NAPF Policy sees the inclusion of new Remuneration Principles and more robust expectations around the safeguarding of the independence of the external auditor.

In addition, the NAPF expects boards to explain to shareholders how they approach overseeing and managing extra-financial risks. The NAPF believes that the management of these factors, which encompass governance and material environmental and social factors, is an integral part of good corporate management.


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