Over the next year we will be conducting a major campaign on diversity entitled breaking the mirror image. This will draw together streams of activities designed to encourage wider, more diverse participation on trustee boards and across the industry.

Diversity on boards has been a major theme of government policy for several years and whilst there has been some progress, many pension fund trustee boards and the top levels in our executive teams lack diversity. There are lots of aspects to diversity – ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic groupings and disability. With 83% of the governance bodies of private sector pension funds being male, we plan to take gender as our starting point, however, there remains much for us to do.

Future initiatives include training and development for scheme executives, trustee chair events and developing best practice guidelines for recruitment and succession planning. 

The PLSA team privilege walk.

Download the privilege quiz and find out your score. 

Business Author and Former CEO Margaret Heffernan speaking at PLSA Investment Conference 2017 on why real collaboration means valuing every voice.


The first suite of training, the Diverse Leadership Programme has been released and we’ll update you shortly on upcoming activities. 


On 1 March we launched our breaking the mirror image campaign to support, lead and encourage a more diverse workplace pensions sector.


 Download Breaking the Mirror Image


Northern Trust Asset ManagementPartnership opportunities

The Diversity Programme is being kindly supported by our Headline Partners Northern Trust Asset Management.

We have a number of activities planned for the year to help drive home the message, some scheduled and some in the development stage. Throughout the programme there will be the opportunity for our members to champion, support and actively work with us on this campaign. 

All financial contributions from partnership opportunities will be fully reinvested in the work we do on diversity.

If you’d like more information on how to get involved, please contact Claire.simmons@plsa.co.uk or Varsha.gowda@plsa.co.uk.