Trustee Effectiveness Tool Terms and Conditions

Trustee Effectiveness Tool - Terms and Conditions of use

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This online questionnaire is for trustees of pension schemes (“Authorised Users” or “you”) who have engaged with the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) and  KPMG LLP (“KPMG”) to carry out a trustee board effectiveness review, and have signed up to complete the PLSA PINNACLE Trustee Board Effectiveness Online Questionnaire, provided by KPMG. You should only use the online questionnaire if you have been given access through an activation link, sent and addressed to you via email by KPMG). Please do not share access details with any other individual. This link will expire within 1 hour but you will have the option of generating a new one if required.

You will also be required to set up a password to access your personal dashboard. Please do not share this password with any other individual. If you have any technical problems with this online questionnaire, please Note that neither PLSA or KPMG will be able to assist with issues related to your company network or internet connection so please seek the relevant support required.

Terms and conditions of use

The online questionnaire is being made available to you in connection with the services that are supplied by PLSA and KPMG to the trustee board of your pension scheme. The purpose of the online questionnaire is to collectively assess the trustee board’s views on its effectiveness and standards of governance against the guidance and recommendations set out by the Pensions Regulator (“tPR”), and to help identify areas for improvement. The results of this questionnaire, which will be presented on a grouped basis only, should be considered along with any reports and further advice provided by PLSA and KPMG following completion of this questionnaire.

The questions and results of the online questionnaire is for general guidance only and is not a comprehensive representation of tPR’s standards and requirements for the trusteeship of your pension scheme. It does not serve as a definitive or legal confirmation that the scheme complies with legislation or that it has met tPR’s standards at any given time. The trustee board remains wholly responsible for meeting their responsibilities and legal duties in relation to the pension scheme.

KPMG does not warrant or represent that operation of the online questionnaire will be uninterrupted or error free and accepts that access may be suspended for routine or emergency maintenance or events beyond KPMG's reasonable control. From time to time updates to the online questionnaire may be issued and you may not be able to use the online questionnaire at this time.

KPMG’s liability for any loss or damage as a consequence of your use of the online questionnaire and any actions you do or do not take, shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by law and in accordance with the terms of PLSA's agreement with you to provide the PLSA PINNACLE Trustee Effectiveness service.

To protect your data, the online questionnaire will automatically expire your session after 30 minutes of inactivity. If this happens, some data (e.g. response to certain questions on the questionnaire) may be lost and you may have to login and re-enter any lost data. The questionnaire allows you to save your progress by clicking the ‘save’ button and returning where you left off at a later time.

The copyright and intellectual property rights of all materials used in the online questionnaire are owned by or licensed to KPMG LLP. This material includes, but is not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance, and graphics. Reproduction is prohibited other than in accordance with the copyright notice, which forms part of these terms and conditions. The PLSA grants a non-transferable, non-exclusive revocable sub-licence to use the PLSA PINNACLE Trustee Effectiveness software to the persons listed in the agreement you have with the PLSA. Your license to use the questionnaire tool is available for three months from the date login details are issued, or until the post questionnaire report has been completed, whichever comes first.

The questionnaire is available on all modern web-accessible devices including smartphones and tablets. However for a more comfortable user experience we recommend using a device with large visual display, like a PC, laptop or tablet. From time to time updates may be issued and this may affect access to the software during this time. The PLSA will endeavour to alert all users 48 hours in advance of any downtime or disruption. No warranties are given. PLSA is not responsible for any effect the software may have on your systems or devices, for the delivery (or timelines) of any alerts through the software  or for any third party information or services which may be made available through the software.

The software requires a modern browser such as  Internet Explorer 11 or an up to date version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. On mobile devices / tablets, a modern browser such as Safari on iPhones and Chrome on Android is required.