Trustee Effectiveness

Trustee Effectiveness

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What is PINNACLE Trustee Effectiveness?

PLSA PINNACLE is offered as four streams. Developed in collaboration with KPMG, the Trustee Effectiveness stream aims to help trustee boards (and potentially other individuals that play a key role in the running of a pension scheme) review their trustee board governance and check how it measures up to the Pensions Regulator's expectations of best practice.   

What does it provide?  

PINNACLE Trustee Effectiveness offers an online questionnaire to be completed by each trustee board member (and any other interested party). The responses to the questionnaire are collated anonymously to produce a report based on the collective results of the whole Board. The report is reviewed by a KPMG consultant who will add commentary, insights and suggestions for next steps. The report and its supporting data is then used to prepare and facilitate a workshop where the report is discussed with the trustees board (and as appropriate any interested parties agreed with the Board).

How long does the review take?

Access to the online questionnaire is available for three months from the date login details are issued, or until the date the post questionnaire report has been received, whichever comes first.  Ideally questionnaires should be completed within 4 weeks of receiving login details as these are sent to each Board member at the same time. Workshops must be held within 3 months of the date the post questionnaire report is received. In the absence of exceptional circumstances most reviews will be completed within 6 months.

How much does it cost?

 Up to 9 users of the questionnaire:

 £4500 (PLSA members),

 £5250 (Non-members)

 Over 9 users of the questionnaire:

 £5000 (PLSA members),

 £5750 (Non-members)

Costs are exclusive of VAT

A proportion of this fee will be paid to KPMG in recognition of their collaboration on this service.

Reasonable expenses will be charged at cost for the delivery of the workshop, where travel is necessary.

How do I find out more?

here to receive our sample questionnaire, a guide to its use, and a booking form.

Should you require more information, please contact Frances Corbett on 020 7601 1716 or email