The PLSA’s main purpose is to help everyone achieve a better income in retirement. We are working to get more money into retirement savings, more value out of those savings, and building the confidence and understanding of savers. You too are striving to improve retirement saving standards.

That is quite a challenge and you need people who will understand the pensions and lifetime savings market. Our team draws on the PLSA’s policy and research expertise, and is supported by specialist partners, where necessary, when delivering specific projects. We will work closely with you to make sure that we tailor our services to give you the most appropriate solution.

Finding the right level of support which is cost effective, independent, up-to-date and follows best practice is essential. PLSA PINNACLE is exactly placed to offer this.


Research and Evaluation

From time to time you may have specific research requirements or want to gain access to research data already analysed and collated by the PLSA.

PLSA PINNACLE can provide you with a range of expert research and evaluation support. For example, we can work with you to gather pensions and retirement savings market data, or to tailor the findings of our own research so that it gives you the insight that best meets your particular need.


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Trustees are required to comply with the law, exhibit good practice and endeavour to add value for their scheme members. PLSA PINNACLE can help you measure the extent to which your trustee board is fit for purpose and is providing effective trusteeship for your scheme and its members. We have a proven, objective and independent solution to meet the needs of your board.



Whether you are offering a workplace pension or providing services to the pensions industry it requires a lot of expertise and time. You may not have time to look further into the future at what is on the horizon or find out about industry developments and innovations. PLSA PINNACLE can help by providing up to the minute technical presentations which will be bespoke for you and all relevant people in your organisation.


Customised solutions 

PLSA PINNACLE can provide a wide range of help to suit your organisation. We offer personal, tailored and independent solutions to meet your needs and those of your workforce. If you don't find a reference to what you require in these webpages, please do contact us to discuss your specific requirements. If we cannot  provide exactly what you need ourselves, we will put you in touch with an organisation that can provide the assistance you require.

  • Our associates

PLSA PINNACLE offers a wide range of tailored solutions. To match this diversity and to offer our clients access to the best possible range of expertise we are establishing a community of experts to support our service.

If you have the experience and commitment to raise standards in the pensions industry and are interested in working with us as one of our associates please do get in touch.

“What we would really like is an expert who works for the PLSA to support us”
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