Data Standards – where we are now

08 July 2021 | Policy Insights Webinar

Data Standards - where we are now

Policy Insights Webinars give you insight into the policy and lobbying work we do on your behalf. They are your opportunity to hear direct from the PLSA’s Policy and Advocacy team about the conversations they have with Ministers, Government officials and regulators, and to ask about other issues on the current agenda.

While much effort is being concentrated on improving data for McCloud and GMPs, the requirements for the Pensions Dashboard seem a long way off and certainly not yet a priority. But as good data is fundamental to all of these, it's worth thinking ahead. 

We’ll share the policy work we’ve been doing on both data standards and the Pensions Dashboard Programme (PDP).The PLSA sits on the PDP’s Steering Committee so we’ll bring you up to speed on progress and how we are representing the needs of local authorities.   

We know you value insights from the private sector, so we’ll touch on how the pension schemes are preparing for the Pensions Dashboard. We will also share details of an exciting project we are undertaking for our Local Authority members announced at our Local Authority Conference in May 2021. 


Richard Smith

Pensions Dashboards Consultant, PLSA

Tiffany Tsang

Head of DB, LGPS and Investment, PLSA

Heather Chambers

Principal Pensions Manager, Tyne and Wear Pension Fund

James Walsh

Head of Member Engagement, PLSA

If you have any questions about the webinar please contact Nikolina Hudi:
0207 601 1710  |   [email protected]

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Thursday 08 July 2021 
09:30 - 10:15  


Local Authority Pension Funds