Dan Snow

dan snow

Historian and broadcaster; BBC’s ‘history man’

Broadcaster and presenter Dan Snow is the BBC’s ‘history man’. After collecting a double first in history at Oxford, where his tutor was Niall Ferguson, Dan followed his father Peter and cousin Jon into television.

Together with Peter, Dan presented the BAFTA award-winning BBC series Battlefield Britain.
There followed a number of World War II series, as well as broader programmes on London, the Battle of Trafalgar, America, and the Ark Royal. He’s also the ‘History Hunter’ for the BBC’s The One Show.

As well as history, Dan has covered various live events, often with a military link, including Trooping the Colour and commemorations of the Falklands conflict, and current affairs programmes including Who Really Owns Britain and What Britain Earns. 

One of the BBC’s most popular factual broadcasters, during the course of his career, Dan has been gassed, set on fire, trained as a sniper and contracted hypothermia. He also launched the first handheld video guides to London.

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