Rachel Melsom

rachel melsom

Director, UK and Europe, Tobacco Free Portfolios

Rachel completed her BSc in Genetics at University College London in 1987, following which she pursued an extensive career in commercial media negotiations and founded an intellectual property consultancy.

In 2008 Rachel retrained as a Doctor, focused on integrating and managing both the cost of care and the precipitating factors of disease. Rachel has an interest in provision of comprehensive care for the elderly in hospital and the community, and practices at Worthing Hospital in Sussex, UK.

Tobacco Free Portfolios work with the finance sector to encourage tobacco free investment, focusing on the externalities of continued investment in the tobacco Industry, addressing the effect of the product on individuals, the wider cost of smoking to society, and future financial risk of continued investment. Recent announcements of the adoption of tobacco free principles include BNP Paribas; ABN Amro; Fonds de Réserve pour les Retraites; AP4 , Aviva; AXA Insurers ; PME Pension Fund (NL) and Australian Super. Australia now has over AU$ 1Tn Superannuation funds AUM in tobacco free funds, > 70% market.

Rachel is also a Diplomat of the Global Charter, World Federation of Public Health Associations, and has a number of charitable interests including participating as a Business Leader for ‘Founders 4 Schools’, a charity set up by Sherry Coutu, CBE.


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