Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards

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Senior Partner, Mercer

Gareth is a senior partner at Mercer with 33 years’ pension industry experience.

After graduating with a degree in mathematics from Imperial College in 1983, Gareth qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in 1988. In his 29 years with Mercer in Birmingham, Gareth has made significant contributions to the development of intellectual capital used widely by Mercer actuaries in performing their Scheme Actuary duties including: 

  1. in the 1990s, Mercer’s pioneering Integrated Risk Management Framework (which drew funding, investment and covenant together);
  2. in the 2000s, the Mercer dynamic de-risking solution (an endgame solution); our on-line Funded Status Monitor (which is used by most of Mercer’s UK clients); our innovative multi-award winning 2015 cash flow driven financing and investment solution; and our 2017 alternative actuarial valuation approach based on cash flow valuation techniques.

Gareth has extensive experience in supporting trustees in a diverse range of challenging circumstances, advising a number of Mercer’s most substantial pension schemes.

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