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The PLSA’s Local Authority Conference 2022 is back as a live, face-to-face event. But if you can’t join us in the Cotswolds, you can still catch up with event highlights online.

Whether you’re planning to come to the conference, still deciding, or can’t unfortunately join us, definitely tune in to this preview webinar. Here, our expert panel tell us about the topics the conference will address, and the conversations, sessions and speakers they’re most looking forward to.

Conference preview webinar

Our speakers:

Emma Walden, PLSA Correspondent
Heather Chambers, Principal Pensions Manager, Tyne and Wear Pension Fund
Joe Dabrowski, Deputy Director - Policy, PLSA
Emma Douglas, Chair, PLSA; Director of Workplace, Savings and Retirement, Aviva
Neil Mason, Assistant Director – LGPS Senior Officer, Surrey Pension Fund Resources

More ONLINE CONTENT coming soon

After our first face-to-face Local Authority conference in more than three years wraps up, we'll share highlights with you online, including:

  • Our conference round-up webinar, where our panel will reflect on the key issues discussed in the Cotswolds.
  • A limited number of plenary sessions, plus a conference highlights round-up. 
  • Interviews from the event
  • Event resources including thought leadership reports and PLSA publications.